Alumni Association

Over the last 66 years, the school has made a remarkable progress and a large number of its alumni have achieved distinction and eminence in their chosen fields, not only in India but abroad also. They all acknowledge their debt to the school and in order to keep in touch with their Alma-Mater, they have formed an Alumni Association. The aim of the association is to work for the welfare of the school. The Alumni Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of October in the school premises and the Alumni get an opportunity to get together and go down the memory lane. The day is replete with nostalgia and the Alumni from various batches come to the school with their families and salute their Alma mater. The Alumni Fun Sports Day is held in the end of January or the beginning of February, every year. The day is full of fun and frolic and the Alumni eagerly wait for this day because it gives them a chance to shed all adult concerns and relive their student days once again by participating in the fun and mock games.

The students studying in the school are Prospective Life Members (PLMs) of the association. The membership of the Alumni Association is open to all those students who have passed at least one class from the school. The life membership fee of the Association is presently Rs. 2,000/- for alumni residing in India and for alumni residing abroad it is $100 USD (or its equivalent). The PLM students studying in Std. XI are to pay Rs 1000/- each at the time of making payment of their school fees of Std. XI & XII and those studying in Std. XII are to pay Rs 2000/- at the time of making payment of their school fees of Std. XII towards Life Membership of the association. The students studying in other classes have the option of paying Life Membership charges in yearly equated installments during their total period of stay in school. The PLM student, who otherwise qualifies to be a Life Member of the association and who has paid some equated installments but wants to leave the school; he may pay the balance amount in one installment for completing his payment towards Life Membership. Prospective Life Members of the association do not have a voting right but are entitled to participate in various other day-to-day activities of the association like Annual Alumni Day, Annual Alumni Sports Meet, Alumni fete etc.

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